Hope Mwinzi 

28/09/2017 no comments hengaPangani

Year of graduation: 1999

House and Class stream:  Robin /4 Garnett

Highlight of schooling days: Drama club. It was rewarding joining in 1st form, a few weeks after admission to the school, after such intense auditions. The acting, long hours of practice, winning awards at the National level was all-out fun! The sisterhood we formed is unmatched! It was like family. It was my refuge!

Industry of operation: Media

Biggest life lesson: Life is a continuous cycle of mountain peaks and valleys. Peaks make you shine and multiply; the valleys reveal the strength of your character and are an opportunity to re-design and re-work your foundations.

What does the Pangani Girls Alumni Association mean to you?: Being able to connect with and learn from one another and still make an impact on the younger generation of girls. And pass on life lessons, skills, time and money.