Sheila Mugadi- Munyiri

29/09/2017 no comments hengaPangani
Steering Committee - Programmes / Events

Year of graduation: 1994

House and Class stream: Sparrow House/ 4P

Highlight of schooling days: Highlights: Visiting days/holidays and the camaraderie we had in our class.

Industry of operation: Event Planning and Real Estate

Biggest life lesson: Nothing comes easy in life. If it feels like it did for you, then someone else had it rough to get you there.

What does the Pangani Girls Alumni Association mean to you?: I believe that nurturing the youth is the beginning of positive change for the future. We have learned so much in life that most of us would say “I wish I knew this when I was in high school!” Now the girls from our Alma Mater are able to lead even better lives and hopefully make fewer mistakes than we did because now they have the knowledge from those who went before them. Also with time, I came to meet so many other ladies from our school and realised that if networking opportunities are made available to all, we may just be able to have our own small community! We are lucky to have the one of the biggest women’s networking group.