There are tonnes of ways to get involved in the associations activities. We would love you to share your passion and interests with the girls in school and your fellow alumni to make the association more robust.

First, by paying an initial subscription 3,200 shillings and an annual renewable membership of 1,200 shillings you contribute directly to the alumni scholarship fund for the needy girls in the school.

You can make payments via

Mpesa: Paybill
Business number: 4031189
Account no. Membership

You can rally your classmates from your year to get engaged, join alumni from another year; or maybe volunteer individually, whatever works best for you by:

  1. Paying school fees for a girl or girls
  2. Buying basic needs for the girls
  3. Contributing towards the mentoring, counselling and career programs
  4. Attending events to network and fundraise. You may also contribute towards these even when unable to attend.
  5. You can talk to potential sponsors about the cause
  6. Participating in sporting and extra-curricular programs at the school
  7. Volunteering your time to assist in any of the programs

See more ways of working with us through our YouTube channel

Let out that energiser bunny in you with the girls. You can coach any sport team of your choice, or even help them find sponsorship to improve their performance on the track and field.
If you would like to spend some time sharing some insight with the girls periodically on life this is for you.
If fundraising is your thing, here is an opportunity for you to bolster the alumni scholarship fund and ensure more needy girls in Pangani stay in school.
This is a great opportunity to be a shoulder to lean on and a voice of comfort to the girls in school in need of emotion and psychosocial support.

With Fellow Alumni

Training and Workshops

We all have something to offer with our numerous years of experience. This is an opportunity to share your expertise with fellow alumni and provide insight on your field of operation.

Networking events

This provides a great opportunity for alumni to grow their business networks and influence across socioeconomic and political spheres.

Fun days

This is a great way to just let loose and celebrate each other.