Pangani Girls High School Career Day 2019: Tonnes of Careers, Endless Questions and Tonnes of Fun

The 2019 Pangani Girls High School Career Day was a blast! There was a lot of singing, laughter, dancing and tonnes of questions the girls had for the various speakers.

This year, we were able to bring in numerous speakers from our vast alumni network as well as friends of alumni willing to share their honest and realistic experience in various careers.

Over the past few weeks Pangani Girls Alumni Association Steering Committee member, Sheila Mugadi-Munyiri took the time to find out from the girls what careers they would be interested in knowing more about. And also had a chat with school administration to ensure their needs for the girls were also met in the career talks.

After weeks of planning, Sheila coordinated over 20 professional women who came in to share their vast experiences in the fields of medicine, human resource, marketing, aviation, venture capital, engineering, film and production on Saturday 1st June 2019.

Kenyan Celebrity Actress, Nice Githinji, shares her experience in the Kenyan film and entertainment business

Strathmore University and Riara University also took the time to share some of the perks of learning at their institutions sharing some pamphlets with the girls on the opportunities available to them. This year there was a real treat for the girls they got first-hand insight on scholarship opportunities and preparing for the transition to University from two young alumni and mentees of the Association, Jacinta Margaret and Diana Khavere class of 2017.

Jacinta was quick to point out to the girls the importance of finding unique and feasible ways to make some pocket money and build a sense of independence legally.

“You don’t have to go far, just look at what you have around you and what interests you.” Jacinta pointed out. “You can make money, whether it’s writing, drawing or volunteering to work at a shop or help someone close to you at their place of work. The opportunities are there if you look.”

Jacinta is at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture. A degree course she had never even heard of till she was called for it. Diana also studies at the same university pursuing a career in Agriculture and Biosystems technology. Like Jacinta, she had never heard of that course until she was called for it but equally enjoys the course.

Diana shared her concerns and apprehension in securing a University education on graduation from High School. But due to support from her mentor in the Association and her Uncle’s nudge she was able to secure a full scholarship for her university education. She shared her experience and the various steps she went through in the qualification and application process for the scholarship she was awarded.

“Stay in touch with your mentors and keep your eyes open and attentive to opportunities, between January and March every year. There are many scholarships offered! You need to make sure you read the newspapers and pay close attention to the internet.” Diana encouraged, but was quick to drum in what all speakers had emphasized all day, “no matter your course, you need to ensure you get the best grades, the better you do, the more options you have in scholarship applications.”

The girls also received a quick introduction to personality testing to determine careers. The girls were intrigued. There were some requests to have the tests conducted at the school for free, as some couldn’t afford the Ksh 3,000 price tag mentioned.

Pangani Girls Alumnus, Jane Wanza Muli shares some insight with the girls at the 2019 Career Day.

As the day concluded the girls were given another chance to talk to all the guests and speakers to get some more insights on their careers of choice.

But as the extra hour faded away there were still tonnes more questions, from insatiable teens, about other careers not covered in the day. The girls and administration feedback were received and now we are getting ready for an even bigger and more interactive Career Fair 2020 for the girls!

A huge thanks and big hugs to all the alumni, speakers and institutions who took the time to share their expertise and advice with the girls at Pangani Girls High School!